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Successful Communities: Classroom Twinning and School Projects
Author: Barbara Dieu

Barbara Dieu is an English teacher, who coordinates the Foreign Language Department at the French Lycée Pasteur in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She moderates two communities: Time Classroom Twinning and TPE 1ere L. We asked her to tell us more about her experiences.

What is your community for?
The first, Time Classroom Twinning (TCT), is a meeting place for teachers participating in a classroom twinning activity. The community is a 'must' as we are from different hemispheres and time-zones. Each member can access in their own time and share materials and suggestions with the others.

The second one TPE, is aimed at students who are working on a project at school. We are presently using Blackboard but as their free services will end by the end of June we have started transferring our material to the TPE community in order not to lose contacts and links. The idea is the same as we do not see our students very often or we are busy in class... So we exchange material, advice, links and suggestions there.

What kind of people are members and what countries do they come from?

In the TCT community we have teachers from many parts of the world: the Netherlands, Brazil, Canada, Indonesia, Russia, Mexico, Italy and France. The TPE community involves teachers and students from my French Lycée in Brazil.

Which is the most popular part of your community?

The folder area, where we can exchange and leave documents, the bulletin board for messages, the forum for assynchronous discussions and the instant messenger when we are online are all very popular.

I particularly like the members area where you can see who is online and when people logged in, because you can keep track of people's interest and attendance, and find out whether they got the latest news or not.

Barbara's Communities and Projects

Time Classroom Twinnning Community

TPE 1ere L

This Is Our Time

. Barbara's Home Page for English Teaching http://the_english_dept.tripod.com/index.html

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Published : Friday, 31 May 2002
Last changed : Tuesday, 30 Sep 2003
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