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Noticias > el Porvenir> Herding Cats in eEurope: Current achievements in Learning Technology Standardization


Herding Cats in eEurope: Current achievements in Learning Technology Standardization
Autor: Riina Vuorikari

Europe got updated on current achievements in the field of learning technologies and standardisation. CEN/ISSS Learning Technologies Workshop (LTWS), the European Standardisation Body, held an open meeting in Brussels, where workshop members presented their accomplishments and actors from the field held key notes speeches. Riina Vuorikari was there.

In the opening speech of the meeting, the chairman Erik Duval portrayed the state of affairs like 'herding cats'. To illustrate it, he showed a video clip of cowboys herding wild cats on prairies. In his opinion, the video draws an analogy with the situation in the field of standards and learning technologies. In this scenario the Learning Technologies Workshop plays the role of cowboys, and the wild cats are the vendors and other actors in the field. For the audience this was a moment of relief to notice that even though the work has to be taken seriously, it is possible to remain tongue in cheek.

Keynote presentations were done by representatives from the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (CEDEFOP), by Prometeus, an organisation promoting a common approach to the production of eLearning technologies and content, and eLearning Industry Group that represents approximately 25 players in the field. Also a long-term pioneer Dan Rehak from Carnegie-Mellon University, USA, gave his outlook on 'What's next for Learning Technology Systems and Standards?'

Audience was also kept informed about the work in progress in the international standardisation bodies like ISO and IEEE Learning Technology Standards Committee.

The work carried out in the CEN/ISSS workshop comprises areas like:

  • Educational modelling languages (EML)
  • Standards for Learner Information
  • Quality Assurance in eLearning
  • Metadata (LOM) and Vocabularies related work
  • Interoperability frameworks for exchange of school management information (SIF)
  • Access for all to learning resources

In the area of vocabularies the working group has finalised a
Repository of Taxonomies and Vocabularies for a European Learning Society. The repository is used to store vocabularies in the field of education. Volunteers are called to contribute and register the vocabularies they use in the educational field. In the picture the working group leader Frans Van Assche from European Schoolnet gives a presentation on the functionalities of the registry.

A new comer at European level is the working group on the issues of Accessibility. This means barrier-free access to everybody regardless of their capacities. The working group aims to ensure access to learning resources for groups like deaf and visually impaired people, as well as intellectually challenged ones. More and more organisations work in the field. In the workshop a Finnish project called Verkkosalkku (Webfolder), a learning environment to meet the needs of special groups, gave a presentation of their product.

More information:

Info: Riina Vuorikari
Editor de Web: Riina Vuorikari
Publicado : viernes, 5 jul 2002
Ultimo cambio : viernes, 3 oct 2003
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 Verzamelplaats van taxonomieën en woordenschatlijsten voor een Europese leergemeenschap